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[AUDIO] The first #DeathStarrs track in 2 years – Apologies in Advance

Clinging to the heels of their first single Immortal (Co-Produced by Suffa of the Hilltop Hoods), DeathStarrs are back to prove they’re more than single trick ponies with Apologies in Advance, their first new song in two years.

So DeathStarrs are back, and they’re bringing with them a brand new sound, a brand new direction, and all new intensity.


[Audio] LLKYA Podcast 03 – Chicken (Featuring Syntax, Mules, Haunts & Tactic one)

Episode 3 of our LLKYA podcast – In this episode we explore the cottaging habits of Marty McFly, expose the seedy underbelly of McDonalds, and find out if anyone responded to our amazing Craigstlist ad

marty mcfly back to the future podcast

[Audio] #LLKYA Episode 2 “Noah’s Ark” – All new comedy podcast featuring Syntax, Mules, Haunts and Tactic One

Episode 2 of the new #LLKYA podcast is now available. in this episode there’s not a Mule to be found, Adam & Alex go beyond Thunderdome, I do a terrible Pacino impression, and we create the greatest Craigslist romance ad of all time. Download now at

Death Starrs – Novocaine (Hilltop Hoods Remix)

So Mules and I have thrown down the gauntlet in the Hilltop Hoods Remix competition…

Mules took this shit to a new level, and I’m dropping some double time bars.

Enjoy –

Download “Death Stars” featuring Haunts of Choose Mics

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[Video] Bad, Meet Evil presents DEATH STARS – The Self Titled EP featuring Haunts (of Choose Mics)

Bad, Meet Evil Streetwear ( and Formula Recordz present DEATH STARS, the free EP from Gold Coast artists Syntax and Mules.

DEATH STARS is a 7-track EP, featuring prominent samples from Hollywood film scores, and pays homage to cinema’s greatest movie composers with slick samples, inventive, pop culture-infused lyrics, and a masterful overtone of well-crafted production.

DEATH STARS will be available for FREE download from 15th July 2011 at the official DEATH STARS/Bad, Meet Evil website

Death Stars (Syntax and Mules) Preview – Coming this week

Death Stars Star Wars Stormtrooper