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Why i don’t believe in God – A rappers point of view

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Why i don’t believe in God – A rappers point of view

I’m a perfectly rational human being; I watch re-runs of The Bill, I vote Labor, and I return all of my Library books and DVD’s back to their respective homes precisely on time.

I was sent to a Catholic School – one of earliest memories is telling my mother and her sister in law that that her great aunt Mary had “Gone to heaven” after she passed away suddenly.

Everyone stared at me, let out an audible “awwww”, and went back to their normal routine of ignoring everybody in the room under the age of 18 while they drank wine and watched football.

As you can see, I used to love God; I thought he was pretty fucking awesome.

Every night I would pray, wish for world peace, and then when he didn’t answer I prayed harder, toiling non stop until I thought that my words had drifted up past the clouds, into the heavens, had been received by a waiting angel, and passed on to the big man himself.

Then I grew up.

It’s not an argument of God vs science – the fact of the matter is a scientist doesn’t care if God exists or not.

Despite what some think, science isn’t out to prove God’s non-existence; science is too busy trying to find cures for the diseases that you believe God gave us in the first place.

Science is too busy explaining how our universe began to give two shits about a menial set of 10 laws that govern how people lived over 2,000 years ago.

To say it’s all about religion vs science is a slap in the face of the argument itself; if you believe in God then you believe that he gave us the ability to study the world that he created – it’s intricacies, the imperfections, the cosmic conundrums that make the ability to walk on water or divide loaves and fish seem miniscule in comparison.

Genesis tells us that it was God that allowed us the freedom of free will, but to believe that we can’t execute that free will goes against his own law.

Philosophically Science and Religion are the same thing – they try to find answers that are hidden from view; however one uses research, reasoning and cognitive thought processes to find the truth, the other gives you a book and tells you to use your heart to find the answer.

It’s not science vs religion, because philosophically they’re one and the same – it’s a choice between reaching the end game by using your brain or by using your heart.

A scientist isn’t out to make you seem like an idiot for believing in God, a scientist just wants to make sure you don’t die while wandering the path from existence to non-existence.

The fact is when you look at the universe around you, it soon becomes clear that to believe the whole of existence is summed up within the first chapter of an old textbook is selling your life short – humanity has far more potential than simply the vassals of souls, expected to live a life in servitude to a God that doesn’t even tell you he exists, and by his own law, doesn’t need to.

I’m often told, “It’s his plan, life is a trial because it tests your faith”.

Why create the test in the first place? Why create the physical world to test the worth of one’s soul when God created the souls to start with? Why create a test to determine if the razor sharp claws on a robots arm will cut a man’s fingers off, when you can simply create the robot without razor sharp claws at all?

We’re 14 Billion years into the creation of the universe, surely it would have been a lot simpler to make us all good guys from the start?

“It’s his plan”

Well, it’s a pretty fucking stupid plan.

The discussion about god is incorporeal – it in itself is as unknown as the reason for being. Science goes beyond the steps that created the sparks of the big bang, it examines why the universe violently came into being in the first place. This is why philosophically science and religion are the same, they both try to get you to same conclusion, however religion throws unexpected counter intuitive tradition and doctrine into the mix that turns rational and well thought out philosophical debate into laughable arguments.

Science doesn’t do that – one will argue that science “Gets it wrong” too, but at least science admits when it is wrong. It updates, it takes pre-conceived tradition and replaces it with new thinking. It strives to prove itself wrong because in the end, humanity will benefit from its humbleness. When science ‘gets it wrong’ it’s proven wrong by even more science, science that is far more refined and structured in its way of thinking.

“Newton was wrong about Gravity” he was, but he was proven wrong by other scientists, people that spent their entire lives searching for truth, who in turn may be proven wrong again, but by even smarter and more intellectually stimulated scientists that took pre-existing doctrine and expanded upon it.

Science doesn’t hold on to the past, we can see that by looking around us. Our lives themselves are evidence alone that humanity has done more to save itself through medicine and technology than god has done trying destroy it with disease and natural disasters.

Science doesn’t rely on faith, it relies on fact. It doesn’t ask anything from you – it doesn’t want you to limit yourself or praise its name, it wants you to live longer, be happier and draw yourself closer to the rest of the world by eliminating distance and culture.

Science doesn’t want you to discriminate or live with prejudice – it tells us that genetically we are all the same. It doesn’t ask you to hate someone based on colour, religion or sexuality. Science doesn’t hate gay people, it doesn’t ask you to join crusades or hurt one another.  

Science doesn’t hate gay marriage, it doesn’t expect you to kill your daughter because she disrespected her family, it doesn’t spout unjust nonsense about eyes for eyes and it recognises that life is fragile and wonderfully in sync with its surroundings and nature.

It tries to better itself, it’s Darwinian; generation upon generation of trial and error has created a system that adequately explains how we came to be, where we are going, and how we can live out our lives to the fullest in the mean time.

My aim here isn’t to make mock religion, it’s simply to provide a reason as to why I don’t believe in God. These are my thoughts, the collated experiences of my life, and the cumulative result of my understanding of the universe, the way it works, and the utter inevitability of life and death and how over the millennia humanity has constructed an elaborate system of gods and deities that help to explain them.

This is why I don’t believe in God.